Listen And Pay Attention To Weather Reports

Many of us listen for the weather forecast every day, but during hurricane season, it might be prudent to watch and listen a little bit more and pay attention to weather patterns developing in the tropics. Because we all live near the coast and are subject to hurricanes, the sooner you know, the better prepared you can be.

Invest In Impact Windows Or Hurricane Shutters

The most vulnerable parts of your home during a hurricane are your windows of course. During a tropical storm or hurricane, shattered windows can cause pressure changes that can lift the roof or cause walls to buckle. If you have boarded up your window with plywood before, you know what an arduous process it is. If you invest in impact windows or hurricane shutters you will forever be done with that chore. Impact windows also offer UV protection, greater energy efficiency and even help reduce noise., not to mention that they also look great. Hurricane shutters can provide protection but they are very expensive and may not enhance the beauty of your home.

Check Windows & Doors For Cracks Or Leaks

Inspect your windows, doors, and siding for cracks that water could enter. During a big storm, even a small crack can lead to thousands of dollars of damage.

Prepare For Long-Term Power Outages

As we all know, storms can cause long term losses of power. A good generator is a great investment. With a generator you can save everything in your refrigerator and freezer. You can also power your air-conditioner and the luxuries that you would need: televisions, computers, be able to charge your phones and other devises. You may also want to purchase a surge protection device for your entire electrical system.

Make Sure You Have Your Medicines As Well As Food And Water For Three Days Stored.

It is a good plan to always have emergency supplies ready. With hurricane season upon us the bare necessities that you need: plenty of water on hand, first-aid supplies, pain killers, antibiotic ointment, and cortisone cream. Also, have prescription medications filled. All of these supplies should be stored in a waterproof portable container that you can take with you if you need to evacuate. If you have canned food, make sure you have a manual can opener. If you don’t have a propane gas grill, a camp stove is a good way to heat your food.

A hurricane kit

Check Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Talk to your insurance professional to be sure your home is covered for hurricane damage or flooding. Make sure you understand what valuables are covered from damage or loss.

Trim All Trees And Shrubs In Advance

Keeping your trees trimmed not only helps the tree withstand the hurricane but also helps protect your house and property from falling trees, limbs, and debris. Trees and shrubs close to your home can cause damage to your roof or siding as high winds set them in motion.

Have An Evacuation Plan, Including Care For Pets

Together with your family, make a hurricane evacuation plan well in advance of an actual emergency.

Make sure devices are charged

Have Batteries Fully Charged In Advance

Assuming you can get phone service during power outages and emergency situations, you won’t want to risk your phone dying. Keep your phone fully charged in advance and have a few charging blocks fully charged as well. You can also charge your phone from your car if its battery is working.

Bring In Or Secure All Outside Furniture, Toys, And Décor

Your patio furniture, umbrellas, and décor turn into projectile missiles in a storm or hurricane. Bring them inside to a garage or basement if possible. Don’t forget to close your garage door! Secure them with bungee cords if not.

Check On Your Neighbors

Make sure your neighbors are also preparing for the storm. Don’t presume that others are as aware and as ready as you. Lead by example and inspire others to be prepared. We all have prepared for the worst and had the best happen, but better safe than sorry. As you prepare and if you need to learn more about impact windows, give us a call to learn more or visit our website – We are the experts in our area to help hurricane prepare your home.