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    Most Efficient Energy Star Windows 2018
    Are you looking to make your home more attractive and save money on energy? Look to Window Exteriors in Savannah! We know how important it is to have high-quality patio doors that stand out. That’s why we’re excited to offer ProVia’s Endure vinyl sliding patio doors.

    Endure doors are built with precision and advanced technology. They’re designed to be very energy efficient, keeping your home comfortable in all seasons and reducing energy bills. You can also customize these doors to match your home’s style perfectly.

    Choosing Endure vinyl patio doors from Window Exteriors means getting more than just a great sliding glass door. You’re investing in quality and beauty that’s hard to beat. Discover the difference for yourself today!

    Endure sliding glass patio doors

    Why Choose Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors?

    Versatile Sliding Glass Doors

    ProVia offers versatile sliding glass doors in 2-, 3-, and 4-panel configurations, with options for sidelites and transoms. These doors feature low-maintenance, insulated, all-vinyl construction and include a patented water drainage system for durability. Homeowners can personalize their doors with various interior woodgrain finishes and exterior colors to match their décor. The doors also come equipped with BetterVue® fiberglass mesh screens, designed to provide enhanced views, protection from insects, and improved airflow throughout the home.

    • Choose from sliding glass doors available in 2-panel, 3-panel, or 4-panel configurations, with the option to include sidelites and transoms based on your preference and home design needs.
    • Built with an insulated, all-vinyl construction, these sliding glass doors are designed for easy maintenance and energy efficiency.
    • Featuring an innovative patented water drainage system, these sliding glass doors are engineered to effectively manage water and ensure long-lasting durability.
    • Choose from a variety of interior woodgrain finishes and exterior colors to customize these sliding glass doors to suit your home’s style and your personal preferences.
    • Experience enhanced views, effective insect protection, and improved airflow with the BetterVue® fiberglass mesh screen, designed to complement these sliding glass doors.

    Sliding Glass Patio Door Color Options

    Laminate & Vinyl Colors

    Classic Bronze
    White Woodgrain
    Classic Oak
    Dark Oak
    Traditional Cherry

    Color Combinations Available

    window color combinations

    TUFTEX™ Smooth Cladding is available in White, Black, Bronze, Beige and Sandstone. Based on the door chosen, color combinations will vary.

    Patio Door Exterior Paint Finishes

    Snow Mist
    Cafe Cream
    Eggshell - New
    Toasted Coconut - New
    Sandpiper Beige
    Tudor Brown
    Rustic Bronze
    Coal Black
    Sterling Gray
    Geneva Blue
    Enzian Blue
    Forest Green
    Evergreen - New
    Autumn Red - New
    Mountain Berry
    Vallis Red
    Textured Matte Coal Black

    Upgrade your patio door so the interior, exterior and jamb pocket are all black. A patio door in all black comes standard with a slightly Textured Matte Coal Black paint. If choosing a painted exterior, paint color choices include Coal Black and Textured Matte Coal Black.

    Custom Paint Colors Available

    We Can Custom-Match Paint Colors

    Talk to your Windows Exteriors design consultant about custom color-matching your patio door’s exterior paint.

    Sliding Patio Door Hardware Options


    Signature door handle for sliding patio doors
    Available with and without keylock


    modern sliding patio door handle

    With keylock

    Standard Door Hardware Finishes

    white window hardware
    beige window hardware
    Sandstone window hardware
    black door hardware color swatch

    Optional Door Hardware Finishes

    antique brass window hardware
    bright brass door hardware color swatch
    satin nickel window hardware
    aged bronze door hardware color swatch

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    ProVia’s warranty for sliding glass patio doors gives homeowners extensive coverage. The door unit and its parts, like hardware and insulated glass with Super Spacer, are guaranteed for life against issues such as chipping, warping, and seal problems. The warranty also covers screens and FlexScreens for lifelong protection from rust and stains under normal use. Paint and stain finishes are protected for up to 15 years. Internal blinds and special doors like bay and garden styles have a 10-year warranty. Homeowners can transfer these warranties if they sell their home, providing lasting assurance for ProVia customers.